About Us

Humble House Gardens | Pure & Natural Goat Milk Soaps, Creams, Lotions For You and Your Family

Humble House Gardens is a small farm located in the Northeast corner of Niagara County in New York State.

header-humble-house-1 Back in 1998, the addition of goats to Humble House Gardens added a whole new dimension to our farm. Discovering the soothing properties of goat’s milk resulted in the small, but still growing, line of skin care products currently being offered. Our goat's milk products are made from natural and fresh goat milk. Along with our own goat milk used in our products, we use scents from nature, natural oils and herbs to create our goat's milk soaps, creams and lotions.

At Humble House Gardens, we make our goat milk soaps, creams and lotions right on the farm with milk from our own goats, natural scents, oils and herbs from our gardens.


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